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Protect your cold storage assets.

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Close the loop on supply chain visibility.

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Understand what’s going on inside your cold storage from anywhere.
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Pinpoint areas for improvement, like replacing a faulty refrigerator.
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Insure goods in storage or while in the warehouse.

The Parsyl Difference.


  • Model your supply chain hierarchy

    Mimic your supply chain on the Parsyl Platform with customized user access. Visualize and target improvement areas across your supply chain, from the regional level to the individual facility.
  • Collect data even during power outages

    Power outage? Parsyl Passport automatically falls back to cellular connectivity during power losses and continues monitoring with up to two days of battery life. 

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  • Easily rollout to all facilities

    Use the Parsyl iOS, Android or web applications to  set up and easily configure storage monitoring across all facilities.

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  • Use a centralized, cloud-based platform

    Easily visualize temperature and humidity conditions with a centralized, cloud-based platform. View summary data of alarms, duration, causes and more.

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  • Access custom insights and reports

    Work with our Customer Success and Data Science teams to get custom insights that help you pinpoint assets or locations needing improvement.

  • Integrate Parsyl across existing systems

    Parsyl's API easily integrates with your existing systems, such as warehouse, compliance or inventory management software.
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  • Intervene to improve product quality and reduce waste

    Get automatic notifications to understand when to intervene on problematic assets before products are lost and better understand remaining shelf-life.

  • Replace faulty equipment

    Use Parsyl insights to understand which cold storage assets need attention based on performance by location, equipment make, model or age.
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  • Share data with key stakeholders easily

    Control who has access to the data and easily share it with all necessary stakeholders via a private link, PDF or CSV.
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Start your journey with Parsyl.

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Better cold storage monitoring & insurance benefits your entire team.


Quality and Food Safety

Ensure product quality and food safety regulatory compliance.


Logistics and Supply Chain

Reduce product loss and waste, optimize energy usage and lower operational costs.


Warehouse and Distribution

Automate manual processes to streamline operations and improve inventory management.


Risk and Finance

Protect your organization from financial loss and reputational damage.


Reduce waste across your supply chain and meet your company’s sustainability goals.

Intervene on problematic assets or SOP failures to minimize or avoid product loss, test more sustainable packaging and equipment and more. Let Parsyl help you get closer to achieving a more sustainable, less wasteful supply chain.

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Target problematic cold storage assets.

See how Parsyl helped Senegal understand which fridges need replacing or fixing to reduce spoilage by 24%.
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What link are you in the supply chain?

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