Ben Hubbard, CEO and Co-Founder of Parsyl
CEO and Co-Founder

Ben founded Parsyl to solve the quality challenges he encountered while moving billions of dollars of life saving products to every corner of the globe. Ben is a former senior Obama Administration official where he served as Chief of Staff at the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and later as the director of USAID’s credit financing division, the Development Credit Authority. He has held leadership and program positions at leading global development organizations, including ONE and the Clinton Foundation.

Alex Haar, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of Parsyl
Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder

As a technical product manager at Google, Alex honed his ability to combine a frictionless user experience with the smart use of data and insights to create high value products. As Head of Product at ZestFinance, Alex built innovative machine learning based credit underwriting infrastructure to support consumer underwriting, and at EMI Music he built first of their kind analytics and decision support tools.

Mike Linton, CTO and Co-Founder Parsyl
CTO and Co-Founder

Mike has spent the last 10 years building software and integrations that make global supply chains run smoothly, both at SPS Commerce where he led R&D in supporting a retail supply chain for over 60,000 B2B customers and at his own supply chain focused company that he founded and sold.

Souleymane Sawadogo, General Manager, Global Health of Parsyl
General Manager, Global Health

Souley has more than twenty years experience strengthening the capacity to establish, manage, and monitor laboratory services and networks across Africa. Early in his career, Souley worked on polio, measles and yellow fever vaccine potency testing, and later worked on immunity to polio, measles and rubella at a population level. Most recently, Souley was a senior advisor at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Africa operations where he led the design of state-of-the-art laboratory services across the continent.

Rebecca G. Kinney, MD, MSc, Chief Medical Officer of Parsyl
Chief Medical Officer

Rebecca has worked as a primary care physician in the United States and abroad, with an emphasis on the care of refugee populations and individuals living with HIV and viral hepatitis. For several years, she has focused on expanding health workforce capacity, helping to establish a new family medicine training program and contributing to the development of novel online curriculum programs. Rebecca's experience serving exceptionally marginalized populations within both rural and urban environments has strengthened her commitment to confront health inequities in the last mile and pursue social justice through innovation and novel partnerships.

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