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Where supply chain monitoring
and cargo insurance unite.


The days of underwriting blind are gone for good.

The future of cargo insurance is here. We partner with you to collect better data and put it to use. We learn your business and give you the coverage you need, based on your goods and your supply chain.

Because our policies include supply chain monitoring, we have the objective information we need to pay claims in days, not months.

What We Do_Data-Powered Insurance

Way more than a data logger.

Parsyl puts you in control with end-to-end monitoring, automated data offload and cloud-based insights. With next-level cold chain visibility, you can learn from all your shipments, avoid losses, pinpoint improvements and reduce your insurance costs.

Already have a sensor you like? We’ll integrate it.

What We Do_Risk Management
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Improving essential supply chains with data driven risk management

Parsyl enabled The Partnership for Supply Chain Management to increase supply chain visibility and reduce insurance claims by better understanding temperature conditions during transport.


There’s a better way to manage cold chain risk.

Learn more about how our integrated solution can help you understand, improve and protect your perishable supply chain.