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Parsyl Hardware

Temperature monitoring made easy with Parsyl.

Reduce risk and save money across your supply chain with end-to-end monitoring made for every use case.

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How it works.

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Collect data with Trek devices.

From single-use to real-time, Parsyl monitors shipments, storage assets and trucks.

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Transfer data with the Parsyl Passport or mobile app.

Automate data transfers with the Passport or transfer data on the ground with our mobile app.

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Analyze all data in one place with the Parsyl Platform.

Pinpoint improvement areas, avoid losses and reduce risk.

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What Parsyl device is right for you?

Devices for every use case.

  • Trek Tab

    A domino-sized, single-use wireless data logger that monitors temperature and gives visibility into what’s happening to sensitive products throughout a shipment from origin to destination.

    • Fast data transfer using Bluetooth 5
    • Up to 100 days of activated battery life
    • Configurable LED alarms
    • Durable and water-resistant 
    • PQS pre-qualified by WHO

    Download the Trek Tab Spec Sheet

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  • Trek Pro

    A multi-use wireless data logger that monitors temperature, humidity and light. Its small size and long battery life make it an ideal way to get visibility into sensitive products from origin to destination, in both transit and storage.

    • 3-years of activated battery life
    • Durable and water-resistant
    • Configurable LED alarms
    • PQS pre-qualified by WHO

    Download the Trek Pro Spec Sheet

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  • Trek Connect

    A real-time data logger that monitors temperature, humidity, location and light. Available as a single-use or multi-use device and as an ultra-cold temperature monitoring device.

    • Real-time access to data
    • Global cellular coverage
    • 60-120 days of activated battery life (dependent on device model)

    Download the Trek Connect Spec Sheets

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Parsyl Passport

Your gateway to automated supply chain data collection.

The Parsyl Passport automates data transfers from Parsyl Trek devices throughout a facility - an ideal solution for storage monitoring and shipment receiving sites. When a Trek device is in range, device data is seamlessly and automatically transferred to the Parsyl Platform.

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  • Install and setup is easy and flexible.

    Plug in the Passport in range of Trek devices and use the Parsyl app to complete setup. It’s that easy!

    Easy Setup
  • Connect via WiFi, cellular, or ethernet.

    Use Parsyl’s mobile app to easily setup the Passport, monitor connectivity, view power status and test Trek signal strength. App is available for both iOS and Android.

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  • Power outage? Parsyl Passport switches over to its integrated battery.

    Parsyl Passport automatically falls back to cellular connectivity during power losses and continues monitoring with up to two days of battery life. 

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  • The Parsyl Passport Network

    Many shared warehouses, distribution centers and Lineage Logistics sites are already equipped with Parsyl Passport infrastructure. Check with us to see if a location you are considering is a part of the Parsyl Passport Network.

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Parsyl Insurance

Parsyl hardware may get you better cargo insurance rates.

Your data collected via Parsyl hardware can empower you to make strategic business decisions to reduce risk across your entire supply chain. You may also benefit from reduced insurance rates from Parsyl!

Explore Parsyl Insurance

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One platform for every use case.

All data is collected and analyzed on the Parsyl Platform—regardless of what you are monitoring.

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Monitor shipments while they’re most at risk.

Explore Shipment Monitoring

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Monitor cold storage assets, whether that’s at the distribution center or in the display case.

Explore Storage Monitoring

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Monitor refrigerated trailers during deliveries without dependency on manual transfers.

Explore Truck Monitoring

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What link are you in the supply chain?

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“The Parsyl one-two punch of using data for quality monitoring and our insurance program has saved us money, time and headache. Best yet, we are rewarded when we lower our risk and now have the data to do it.”

Don Flax, General Manager, Asian Pacific Seafood


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