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Parsyl for Retailers

Save money, protect quality, and gain better visibility of your supply chain—all the way from the supplier to your stores.        

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The right data at the right time

Say goodbye to manual data transfers and real-time device costs, while ensuring food safety.

Put shipments in context

Understanding shipments is easier when you have the context information automatically.

Make faster accept and reject decisions

Spend less time chasing data and more time focused on the quality and safety of your products.

Improve vendor relationships

Quality discussions are quick and easy when you and your supplier can immediately see the shipment data.

Save cost

We’re built with affordability in mind. Speak with your Parsyl representative about our unique pricing structures.

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Let's tackle your biggest challenges through every leg of the supply chain.

QA decisions taking days instead of minutes?

Immediate hot load identification and notification on arrival. Visual excursion indicators signal when goods arrive and the QA team receives SMS/email notifications for instant review and response.

Quick accept/reject decisions. Data with context is shared with the Quality Assurance team with no manual effort.

Wasting time chasing or manually entering data?

Automatic data transfer. Data is automatically transferred via Parsyl Passports at your facility without manual effort.

Shipment context with zero manual data entry. Context like supplier, destination, and PO* are automatically added to every shipment. 

Integrate across supply chain technologies. Consolidate technologies with the use of a custom Parsyl API integration. 

Digging through data to uncover trends?

Insight into all shipments. From supplier to DC to store, capture data from all shipments in one place. 

A holistic view of your supply chain. Pull data from your systems into the Parsyl Platform for one view of your supply chain.

Trouble monitoring trailers?

Ensure equipment operability and SOPs. Monitor refrigerated trailers throughout deliveries with an extended life sensor.

Audit or investigation headaches?

Comply with FSMA and HACCP. Continuous monitoring and automated transfers ensure temperature records are maintained and easily accessible.

Parsyl is the best of both worlds—and so much more.

USB/NFC devices are cheap, but...

  • Most often, you never get the data.
  • If you find the device, you will need to physically download the data and manually share it.
  • You can only act reactively because data excludes any context information.
  • There’s no notifications or alerts.

Real-time devices provide visibility, but...

  • Devices are expensive.
  • Battery life is limited.
  • To effectively manage, you will need a dedicated team.
  • Adding shipment context usually requires manual data entry.
Parsyl compared to real-time and USB / NFC devices
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Get visibility into the frontline to protect your bottomline.


Monitor your goods in cold storage


Monitor your goods in motion


Monitor your transit modes

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Streamline supply chain operations with Parsyl.

A large retailer saved 25% on data loggers & thousands per month with Parsyl's refrigerated trailer monitoring solution.
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