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Parsyl Insurance

Cargo insurance for the cold chain.

Improve coverage, reduce cost and mitigate exposure with our integrated insurance and risk management solution.

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Insurance for the foods we eat and the medicines we need.

Parsyl is a Coverholder, a Lloyd's Syndicate (1796) and the leader of the Essential Consortium at Lloyd's of London. We are focused on insuring essential supply chains, including food and beverage, life science and pharmaceuticals. 
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Food & Beverage

Fresh, frozen and everything in between. Ambient, bulk goods and any associated non-perishable commodities. 

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Pharma & Life Science

Vaccines, medicines and other healthcare products. Temperature-controlled, ambient, R&D and much more. Includes all associated equipment. 

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Not sure if it's within our appetite?

Parsyl's use of data allows us to support challenging risks across the globe. Contact us to see how we can support you.

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Working with Parsyl is easy.

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Your data may get you better insurance rates from Parsyl.

Use your temperature data to make strategic business decisions and reduce risk across your entire supply chain, like switching vendors or routes. You may also benefit from reduced cargo insurance rates from Parsyl.

Explore Parsyl Monitoring Suite

Save money with better underwriting
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Avoid claims
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Earn premium incentives
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Speed up payments
Case Study

How we paid a same-day claim

Learn how Parsyl helped Niceland Seafood identify more sustainable packaging, optimize shipping and receive a same-day claim payment.
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Elevate your expectations—experience a better claims process with Parsyl.

  • Data provides the full picture.

    What went wrong? Who is responsible? And most importantly, how can a claim be prevented in the future?

  • We bring clarity to the claims process.

    Our approach to claims processing is rooted in transparency and efficiency, with the aim of ensuring that you receive fair settlements.

  • Recommendations help save you money.

    Our Customer Success team is there every step of the way. The team will help identify areas for improvement by analyzing routes, equipment, packaging, transit modes and more.

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  • Lower risk = Lower premiums

    It's really that simple.

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One platform to protect your bottom line.

All data is collected and analyzed on the Parsyl Platform—regardless of what you are monitoring.

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Monitor shipments while they’re most at risk.

Explore Shipment Monitoring

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Monitor cold storage assets, whether that’s at the distribution center or in the display case.

Explore Storage Monitoring

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Monitor refrigerated trailers during deliveries without dependency on manual transfers.

Explore Truck Monitoring

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What link are you in the supply chain?


Discover how Parsyl works for customers like you.