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Parsyl Monitoring Solution

Reduce waste, protect lives and put money back in your bottom line.

Parsyl puts you in control with end-to-end temperature monitoring, automated data transfers and cloud-based insights.
Reduce Waste & Save Money
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Get to know the Parsyl Monitoring Suite.

Stay in compliance by collecting temperature and humidity data with Trek devices.

From single-use to real-time, Parsyl monitors shipments, storage assets and trucks.

Get to know Parsyl Hardware


Reduce the workload for a lean staff with the Parsyl Passport or mobile app.

Automate data transfers without manual intervention or transfer your data on the ground with our mobile app.

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Reduce waste and ensure product safety by accessing all of your data in one place with the Parsyl Platform.

Analyze data to avoid losses, pinpoint improvement areas and reduce risk.

Get to know Parsyl Software


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Where are you with your supply chain data?

No data

No problem! Parsyl can help you start collecting temperature and humidity data with monitoring devices specific to your product and business needs.

Some data

Automate data collection processes with Parsyl Trek devices and a Parsyl Passport. Get access to your data anytime, anywhere.

Data for insights

You’re collecting data—now it’s time to put that data to work! Explore and interpret data across shipments, storage, and trucks all within a single, unified cloud-based platform.

Decision-ready data

Context information layered over your data informs critical, day-to-day business decisions, such as accept or reject decisions, equipment replacement, and more.

Optimized data

You have enough data over time that it now empowers you to make strategic business decisions to reduce risk across your entire supply chain, like switching vendors or packaging. With Parsyl, you’ll also benefit from reduced insurance rates!


Let's optimize your supply chain.

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One platform for every use case.

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Monitor shipments while they’re most at risk.

Explore Shipment Monitoring

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Monitor cold storage assets, whether that’s at the distribution center or in the display case.

Explore Storage Monitoring

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Monitor refrigerated trailers during deliveries without dependency on manual transfers.

Explore Truck Monitoring

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What link are you in the supply chain?

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Case Study

Parsyl's refrigerated trailer monitoring solution saved a customer thousands of dollars per month.

case study case study

Discover how Parsyl works for customers like you.