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Monitoring the last mile

Parsy’s data platform is reliable, user-friendly and easy to integrate. Wireless sensors are placed inside cold rooms, refrigerators and cold boxes that store and transport vaccines for newfound visibility in these life-saving cold chains. 


Cutting the time vaccines spend in the cold chain, especially in the last mile, could reduce spoilage by nearly 40%


Identifying and replacing faulty fridges could reduce the number of vaccines spoiled due to freezing temperatures by 24%

*Based on Parsyl data simulations

Why Parsyl

Maintain Quality

Frontline health workers are empowered with actionable insights about product quality and remaining shelf-life via mobile app.

Reduce Waste

Supply chain visibility uncovers causes and location of spoilage, pinpointing areas of improvement.

Improve Outcomes

Strong and transparent supply chains ensures product quality so that everyone, everywhere receives effective vaccines.

“Throughout this pandemic, we have seen remarkable advancement in knowledge and innovation through the production of cutting-edge technological products like the Covid-19 vaccine monitoring device developed by Parsyl, and these new tools have tremendously helped the global and continental response to Covid-19.”

John Nkengasong Director of Africa CDC

"It used to be that a nurse in a facility in rural Uganda would have to check five fridges, three times a day. Now, all of that information is recorded and sent to the nurse automatically via Bluetooth, meaning he or she has more time to actually do their job."

Shamit Shah CEO of Freight in Time

"Our supply chain has improved thanks to Parsyl. We’ve been able to identify and replace certain cold chain equipment and improve best practices for storing vaccines within their recommended temperature ranges.”

Mor Diama Vaccination Logistician Ministry of Health, Senegal

Our Solution

Parsyl monitors temperature sensitive health products in storage and transit, including in low-connectivity environments. Our smart sensors are PQS pre-qualified by the WHO and are currently being used to monitor Covid-19 and routine vaccination efforts around the world.

Our Impact

Parsyl works with Ministries of Health, logistics providers, and implementing partners to monitor country-wide health systems, multi-modal shipments and last-mile deliveries in remote locations globally. Our reliable monitoring devices help customers understand product quality and track the remaining shelf-life of sensitive health commodities in transit and storage. Through Parsyl’s Global Health Risk Facility (GHRF), customers distributing cold chain goods in emerging markets can access affordable insurance and risk management services.

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Parsyl in action

Parsyl leads an alliance of insurance and technology partners who have joined to provide accessible and affordable cargo insurance and risk management services for the distribution of vaccines, medicines and supplies in emerging markets.
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