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Achieve cold chain confidence.

Save money and improve quality with end-to-end cold chain risk management.

So much more than a data logger.

Traditional data loggers are lacking. If you see the data at all, it’s limited and missing context, leaving you without valuable insights.

Parsyl puts you in control with end-to-end monitoring, automated data offload and cloud-based insights. We help you learn from all your shipments — the good, bad and near-misses — so you can avoid losses, pinpoint improvements and reduce your insurance costs.

Risk Management

Easy and affordable access to
your supply chain data.


Deploy anywhere and everywhere

Our suite of monitoring devices makes it easy and affordable to monitor the entire supply chain, regardless of product, location or mode of transit. Already have a sensor you like? We’ll integrate it into our platform.
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Take control with cloud-based insights

Pinpoint issues and share objective data with your partners. Uncover weak spots, scorecard vendors and understand quality performance, all through one modern platform.
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Save money

Your job is to provide a high-quality product. Our job is to tell you if, when, where and why your goods went bad, and help you learn for next time. And because we help you reduce risk, we can also provide more affordable insurance.

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“The Parsyl one-two punch of using data for quality monitoring and our insurance program has saved us money, time and headache. Best yet, we are rewarded when we lower our risk, and now have the data to do it.”

Don Flax, General Manager, Asian Pacific Seafood

Get smarter with every shipment

Minimize losses and reduce waste with our fully integrated risk management platform.

Trek devices

Monitor shipments with smart sensors for every use case, from single-use temperature monitors to long-lasting multi-sensors.
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Passport and

Mobile app

Seamlessly offload data and receive actionable information in the palm of your hand with custom notifications.

Data Platform

Supply chain insights combine context and sensor data to help you and your partners understand when, where and why issues occurred.
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Quality, transparency and sustainability in seafood supply chains

Parsyl helped Niceland Seafood achieve more reliable supply chain operations for its fresh and frozen seafood shipments.

Take your cold chain visibility to the next level.