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Essential Pack

Data collection is easy with the Essential Pack.

With every new policy, Parsyl provides modern and connected sensors for your client's use case.       

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Essential Pack
Get Rewarded

When your clients use Parsyl technology, they may be eligible for a reduced premium at renewal!

Applies only to new risks and renewals.

Essential Pack
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What's in the Essential Pack?

Customized to fit your needs.

Quantities and types of devices included depend on policy premium and customer. 

Trek Tab

Monitor shipments' temperature with an affordable, single-use device.

Trek Pro

Monitor trucks and storage facilities with a small, multi-year reusable device.

Parsyl Passport

Automate data transfers via Parsyl Passports at your facilities without manual effort.

Parsyl Platform

Uncover trends and patterns in the Parsyl web and mobile apps.

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