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Asian Pacific Seafood Case Study

Asian Pacific Seafood Case Study

Shipping temperature-sensitive commodities benefits from end-to-end supply chain monitoring and integrated insurance—especially when things go awry.

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Asian Pacific Seafood specializes in pasteurized crab meat, a fresh, high-value commodity with specific temperature and shipment handling requirements. Asian Pacific turned to Parsyl’s integrated solution to protect its product with end-to-end temperature monitoring and tailored cargo insurance—a partnership that became especially important when Asian Pacific’s container of crab meat was stuck on the Ever Forward vessel in the Chesapeake Bay.


An integrated solution

With Parsyl, Asian Pacific increased supply chain visibility, avoided wasting $340,000 worth of product, and reduced their annual insurance spend by 10%.

Asian Pacific uses Parsyl Trek devices to monitor all imports to the United States from China, collecting data on temperature exposure throughout the journey. This data is used to better understand the conditions of the goods and learn from all shipments to reduce overall risk for future shipments.

Additionally, Asian Pacific needed a new type of insurer—one that understood its commodity and could offer comprehensive coverage at an affordable rate. Because Parsyl uses granular supply chain data to understand and accurately underwrite risk, it was in a position to provide Asian Pacific with a tailored solution specifically designed to protect perishable goods globally.


The Parsyl one-two punch of using data for quality monitoring and our insurance program has saved us money, time and headache. Best yet, we are rewarded when we lower our risk and now have the data to do it.

Don Flax, General Manager, Asian Pacific Seafood

Quality assured with Parsyl

When Asian Pacific was notified that the Ever Forward vessel was stuck in the Chesapeake Bay with its container of crab meat, it prepared for a total loss valued at $340,000 USD. A transit that typically ranges from 45-60 days was extended to a total of 103 days on the water.

Upon arrival at Asian Pacific’s cold storage partner facility, the container was unloaded and device data was wirelessly transferred to the Parsyl platform. Unlike other competitor devices with short battery lives, the two Trek Tab devices within the container continually monitored the entire life of the shipment despite the massive delay.

The data was automatically shared with Asian Pacific, Parsyl, and the cold storage partner who were all able to analyze the conditions of the goods and confirm that the crab meat stayed within acceptable temperature conditions and was safe for consumption and sale.

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While it can be assumed that many claims were made on the Ever Forward, Asian Pacific was able to provide evidence of commodity integrity—avoiding a claim, undue waste and increased insurance rates—and could pass the product to consumers without concern.


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