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parsyl end to end visibility Take Control

Collect your own objective data on what's actually happening and eliminate finger pointing.

parsyl single, scalable solution Reduce Risk

Uncover the data you need to understand where to focus improvements, whether it's packaging, transport or storage.

parsyl risk management Protect the Bottom Line

ColdCover gives shippers the insurance coverage they need with fast payment and built-in risk management.

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Low Cost Sensing Devices
parsyl trek mini small, mighty, disposable
Trek Mini - small but mighty
Senses temperature and light Rugged, waterproof design Multi-year battery life Extremely low cost
Trek Pro - all-in-one workhorse
Senses temperature, humidity, light & impact Rugged, waterproof design Multi-year battery life Records GPS location
parsyl trek 1.1 our workhorse
Plus Advanced Insights
Our Technology
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What our customers are saying


"The way Parsyl is using its data to deliver new products and value for hard to insure perishable risks is exactly the type of innovation the cargo insurance industry needs."

Gordon Longley Partner and Head of Marine at McGill and Partners

"By combining temperature monitoring with cargo insurance Parsyl hits two pain points at once - collecting objective data and using it to hold actors in the supply chain accountable."

Oliver Luckett Chairman of Niceland Seafood

"The power of Parsyl’s data is what enables them to respond quickly to customer needs, improve the claims experience and help prevent claims from happening in the first place."

Andrew Brooks CEO of Ascot Group

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