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Insurance for perishables.

Parsyl uses shipment and storage data from multiple sources to create tailored, ‘howsoever arising’ insurance coverage for ambient and temperature-sensitive goods. Because we understand the products, we can offer better insurance and settle claims quickly

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Insurance for the foods we eat and the medicines we need.

Parsyl is an MGU, Coverholder and a Lloyd’s Syndicate (1796). We are focused on insuring essential supply chains, including food and beverage, life science, and pharmaceuticals.
Cold Cover Insurance Powered by Parsyl

Supporting diversified customers who trade in perishables and non-perishables.
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Coverage combined with risk management for global medical supply distribution.

Cargo, STP, Stock & Excess Stock, Freight Forwarders Liability, Warehouse Legal Liability and Shippers Interest.


All risks of physical loss and damage, including ‘Howsoever caused’ for temperature.


Up to $20m. Primary, Quota Share, Excess.

Additional coverages:

Delay, Rejection and SRCC Extensions.


Clients storing with Lineage? They may qualify for lower rates!

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Lower risk to get cheaper premiums at renewal!

Asian Pacific saved $340K worth of product and received a 10% insurance policy rate reduction.

How it works

Submission Received
Submission Received
Submission Undergoes Data Analysis
Submission Undergoes Data Analysis

Parsyl’s Data Science team collects data and generates insights.

Customized Policy Created
Customized Policy Created

A Parsyl Underwriter uses data insights to create a policy tailored to the insured.

Sign Your Policy
Sign Your Policy

And your insured begins their journey with Parsyl.

What's included with the insured's policy?

Dedicated account management:

Insured receives free of charge Customer Solutions support.

Regular data insights:

Increase risk mitigation and improve supply chain operations with analysis provided by your Parsyl team.

We don't just take on risk—we help reduce it.

Our platform provides end-to-end coverage of goods in transit and storage.

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Trek Devices & Other Data Sources

Sensors, data loggers, equipment data and historical data.

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Mobile App & Passport

Easy wireless data offload via mobile app or gateway.

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Parsyl Platform

Uncover trends and patterns in the Parsyl web and mobile apps. 

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Niceland Seafood receives a same-day claim payment for spoilage loss.

Learn how Parsyl helped Niceland Seafood identify more sustainable packaging, optimize shipping and receive a same-day claim payment.
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