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Losses covered.
Issues uncovered.

Data-powered risk management and cargo insurance for essential supply chains.

There’s a better way to manage cold chain risk.

Data-Powered Insurance

We use data to provide cargo insurance based on actual commodity-specific risk. We have the information we need to pay claims in days, not months.

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Risk Management

We don’t just insure your risk, we help you reduce it. Parsyl’s end-to-end supply chain monitoring helps you reduce premiums by proactively measuring and improving quality.
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Social Impact

People everywhere depend on cold chains to deliver essential food and medicine. Parsyl helps reduce unnecessary waste and ensures that cold chains are maintained for safe and equitable distribution around the world.

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Save money, reduce waste and improve quality.

Parsyl helps you understand and reduce risk with the power of data, and provides insurance policies based on your unique needs.
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Learn from all shipments — good, bad and near misses. Prevent rejections and limit losses.
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Logistics Providers

Strengthen cold chain operations across shipment and storage.
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Measure and address cold chain quality performance and optimize insurance coverage.
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Global Health

Monitor high-value, life-saving health commodities — even in the most hard to reach places.
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Parsyl in action

Asian Pacific

With Parsyl, seafood wholesaler Asian Pacific increased supply chain visibility, avoided wasting $340,000 worth of product, and reduced annual insurance spend by 10%.

Understand, improve and protect your perishable supply chain with Parsyl.