Transform your cold chain with the power of data

Minimize losses by understanding the risk before it happens.
When problems do occur, we’ve got your back.

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Trek-Group-shot Trek devices

Smart sensors for every use case, from single use temperature trackers to long lasting multi-sensors.

mobile-app-and-gateway Mobile app and gateway

Seamless offload and actionable information in the palm of your hand with custom notifications.

web-app Web platform

See issues in context, with data integrations, interactive timelines and collaboration tools.

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parsyl easy to scale

We make it easy and affordable to collect data across the entire supply chain - in storage and transit - regardless of product type, shipment length or mode of transit.

parsyl Anticipate risks ahead of time

There’s finally a way to pinpoint issues and hold your partners accountable. Uncover weak spots, scorecard vendors and understand quality performance with your own objective data.

parsyl Your New Data Scientist

Your job is providing a high quality product. Our job is to tell you if, when, where and why your goods went bad, and help you learn for next time. And when the unexpected happens, we’ve got you covered with Parsyl Insurance.

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