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Parsyl offers suppliers, buyers and insurers a new level of quality assurance.
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Parsyl serves a wide market of sensitive goods, building a predictive data set to reduce waste, manage risk and cut costs.

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01. Visibility
True end-to-end

Parsyl monitors the entire supply chain across modes of transport, including last mile delivery and cold storage.

Contextual data

See issues in context, including chain of custody, mode of transit, external weather, location and more.

Single source of the truth

Easily share data with your supply chain partners and eliminate the time, cost and hassle of establishing basic facts.

02. Intelligence
Powerful insights

Easily understand what’s happening in your supply chain with intuitive reports, dashboards and visualizations.

Anticipate risks

Aggregated shipment data allows you and your stakeholders to get smarter over time.

Easy to use

Automated analysis and insights allow customers to ensure product safety and integrity without needing a data scientist.

03. Compliance
Tailored product monitoring

Parsyl’s dynamic product profiles allow alarms and thresholds to be configured in unlimited ways and incorporate factors including excursion, incursion, duration, cumulative exposure and more.

Digitized records

Parsyl provides automated compliance reports and secure, cloud-based digital records to meet compliance requirements set by the FDA for HACCP, FSMA and FSVP.

Accurate and reliable

Small, accurate and NIST traceable, Parsyl’s Trek device provides an accurate record of environmental conditions experienced by your product in the supply chain.


"The best thing I've seen in my 40 year career in the logistics and transportation industry."

Paul Kimball CEO of Sea Tac Transport Service

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