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Parsyl offers suppliers, buyers and insurers a new level of quality assurance.
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parsyl Increase Profitability Increase profitability

Parsyl’s aggregated data sets improve loss ratios, underwriting models and risk selection.

parsyl Reduce Risk Reduce risk

Parsyl gets smarter with every shipment, allowing risk engineers to use objective, risk-relevant data to anticipate risks, spot trends and patterns and improve underperforming accounts.

parsyl Improve Claims Improve claims

Offer a faster and easier claims process and quickly determine what happened during a shipment and who is responsible based on rich data analysis.

01. Underwriting
Profitably serve new customers
New product development
Reward the right decisions
02. Risk Engineering
Lower loss ratios
Differentiate risk
Add value
03. Claims
04. Customer Engagement
Win new accounts
Increase renewal rates
Streamline claims

"New data insights are enabling new ways to reduce and mitigate risks that were previously hidden. Potential incidents can also be tracked and dealt with more quickly thereby reducing interruption to supply within the supply chain. And with Parsyl, that future is now."

Hélène Stanway Digital Leader at AXA XL

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