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Parsyl offers suppliers, buyers and insurers a new level of quality assurance.
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Global Health
The Challenge


Freeze-sensitive vaccines procured
through UNICEF in 2015 totaled
$1.2 billion


of vaccines in lower income countries are exposed to temperatures below recommended ranges during storage

Global Health

"...vaccines can travel thousands of miles across the world to reach remote communities in Africa and Asia, but if they become too hot or too cold during that very last mile all the effort is for naught. That’s why this partnership with Parsyl is so important, ensuring that countries are using the latest technology to keep these vaccines effective."

Dr. Seth Berkley CEO of Gavi
Our Solution
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parsyl Maintain potency Maintain potency

Intuitive sensing devices and mobile app allow frontline health workers to easily understand the quality of vaccines prior to immunization, even in last mile locations.

parsyl Reduce waste Reduce waste

Powerful insights gained from Parsyl's combined hardware and software solution offer greater visibility into causes and location of product degradation.

parsyl Improve outcomes Improve outcomes

Parsyl's robust data analysis allows global health partners to make data driven decisions about future shipment and storage methods to ensure vaccines remain safe and effective.

Our Approach



Gavi expects to immunize 300 million children between 2016 and 2020 and avert 5-6 million future deaths through its support for routine immunization programs and vaccination campaigns.

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