The journey matters.

Parsyl’s supply chain insights inform data driven decision making for shippers and insurers.

Parsyl’s platform includes its proprietary Trek multi-sensing devices, a mobile app, an optional plug-in gateway, and web-based insights and analytics tools.

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Parsyl Trek Device Trek devices

Track temperature, humidity, light, impact and GPS. Small, cheap and easy to use with unmatched accuracy and operating range, all with a multi-year battery life.

Parsyl Mobile App Mobile app

Actionable information about your shipments in the palm of your hand. Automatic notifications upon arrival ensure timely resolution.

Parsyl Web App Web platform

See issues in context, including chain of custody, asset location, mode of transit, external weather, location and more, with data integrations, interactive timelines and collaboration tools.

parsyl easy to scale

Parsyl is designed to be user friendly and affordable to deploy across all storage assets and shipments, regardless of product type, shipment length or mode of transit.

Hardware is small, long lasting, accurate and easy to configure.
Intuitive mobile app and gateway make data offload seamless.
Automated data pipeline means no more spreadsheets or PDFs.
parsyl Anticipate risks ahead of time

Minimize losses by understanding the risk before it happens.

Develop data-driven shipping strategies to identify weak spots, scorecard your vendors, and understand quality performance.
Incorporate contextual data such as weather and location to better understand risk drivers.
Insights get better over time with data collected and analyzed from both good and bad shipments, putting an end to the days of "ship and pray".
parsyl Your New Data Scientist

Parsyl’s software automatically turns sensor data into actionable reports and visualizations. Think of us as your new data science team.

Automated data offload and analysis surfaces issues across the supply chain without cumbersome wires or outmoded desktop software.
Receive notifications when shipments have issues and quickly understand what occured, when and where it happened, and who had custody at the time.
Easily overlay contextual information like weather conditions to give even more insight into why issues occurred.


The smartest way to understand product quality in your supply chain.


The smartest way to understand product quality in your supply chain. Contact Us